Can you imagine a journey over 50 years?

That’s what Fontecabras water makes to arrive to ours hands. Each bottled drop down in a long journey over 50 years until a natural spring located in a protected environment, over 500 meters depth.

Can you imagine 500 meters journey to the center of the earth?

The deep spring and the natural filtering process are the essence of our water; the contact with geological formations imparts a unique mineral and quality composition to it. Our water surfaces in an environment free from contamination and its analysis and flow rate remain the same from season to season.

Can you imagine a spa journey at your home?

The natural purity of spring water

Ayto.Jaraba Julio Álvarez Germán.

Ayto. jaraba Nuria Yague Valero

Ayto. Jaraba Julio Álvarez Germán

Ayto. Jaraba Javier Muñoz Caballer

We wait 50 years each drop for embottling only purity