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Sierra del Águila

Sierra del Águila is another mineral water brand of Manantiales del Piedra company.
Sierra del Águila is a natural mineral water originating from protected aquifer deep “La Majuela” in the heart of the mountain chain surroundings Cariñena, a village in the province of Zaragoza (Spain) where La Majuela spring is situated.

Gama Fontecabras

The water of La Majuela spring was declared Natural Mineral Water the 16th May 1991. This certificate means the natural spring is located in a deep protected environment free from contamination and the water has quality properties.
The water brings to the surface with temperatures among 16 degrees and it’s immediately after bottling. Sierra del Águila it’s a benefit & healthy water, thanks their weak mineralization.

2 Golden Stars Superior Taste Awards 2018

Al igual que nuestro manantial Fontecabras, el International Taste & Quality Institute (iTQi) organismo gastronómico internacional con sede en Bruselas que reúne a los mejores chefs y sumilleres del mundo, ha otorgado 2 estrellas de oro al agua del manantial La Majuela, del que procede el agua de Sierra del Águila.

We have three PET bottles: 1,5 5 8 liters large formats for your daily life and to be always well hydrated.